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Re: International Jewish Voices
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As if the Arabs are any  better....

Google "Shafiq Ades."

After 1947, over a million Jews were forced to flee Arab countries due to most Arab states implementing Nuremberg-type laws. Thousands of Jews were killed for being Jews. Eventually life became so intolerable for them that they had no choice but to immigrate to Israel or North America.

I've always found it funny how all these Israeli apartheid activists ignore this part of history. There is an irony in accusing Israel of "ethnic cleansing," when every single Arab state that had a significant Jewish population in 1947 legitimately committed ethnic cleansing. However, only Israel receives Worldwide condemnation. Because they are Jews and "should have perished in the Holocaust."

So like Rue, your answer is ...
'Somebody committed genocide against Jews so Israel can commit genocide against Palestinians.'

It doesn't say that in the Convention on Genocide. All perpetrators are accountable for their actions.
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