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Re: International Jewish Voices
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2019, 09:30:05 am »
The JNF is attacked by trendy left wingers as it is seen as a tool to colonize the West Bank by Israel.

The majority of accusations about JNF financing  are in regards to these projects:

1. Amphitheatre in Shilo – NIS 2 million
2. Infrastructure projects in Ariel – NIS 4.5 million
3. Central Park in Avnei Hefetz [near Tulkarem] – NIS 2.5 million
4. Promenade in Gush Ezion [south of Jerusalem]: NIS 250,000. Will be called “JNF Promenade.”
5. Promenade in Kfar Adumin [East of Jerusalem]: almost NIS 1.5 million
6. Bike Lane in the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council: NIS 1.7 million
7. Agriculture farm in Eitam: NIS 2.5 million
8. A park and observation point in Mitzpe Yericho [near Jericho]: NIS 600,000
9. Historical site in Rosh Tzurim [near Bethlehem]: NIS 400,000
10. Habanim Park in Hebron: NIS 700,000
11. Infrastructure work in Alon Moreh’s yeshiva [near Nablus]: NIS 300,000
12. Public ground in Shavei Shomron: NIS 350,000
13. Public ground in Har Bracha [near Nablus]: almost NIS 1 million
14. Kikar Park in Beit El [near Ramallah]: NIS 120,000

I will not debate with Granny on this thread what the legal issues are in regards to who owns what land on the West Bank. Clearly Granny like many believes no Israeli should be on the West Bank, period.

However the issues are far more complex than simply telling Israeli Jews go back to pre 1967 Israel. Its easy for Granny to dictate that and assume that.

She does not live next door to Hamas on one side in Gaza ad the PA and its terror cells on the West Bank on the other, or next door to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan nor does she know what that means. She only sees Palestinians as being under siege.

In her script she ignores the PA and Hamas are in fact in a declared state of war with Israel to remove it as a JEWISH state. Her script does not discuss that every day Israelis are attacked from Gaza even though they withdrew from Gaza years ago, including what is called arson kites that destry land and homes. Her script does not account for how the JNF is reforesting areas of pre 1967 Israel burned and destroyed by Hamas in its constant attacks.

Her script portrays one bad side, one good side in a conflict. It does not for one moment engage in context and try understand Israel does not live in a vacuum and if it leaves the West Bank the PA has said it will NEVER STOP until it retakes all of Israel, Jordan and the West bank and turns them into a Sharia Law Palestinian state. It also has defended terror attacks on Israeli civilians calling them reasonable in press releases.That is the same position as Hamas only Hamas openly calls for war and terror while  the PA plays media games. On the one hand it has what it claims are not terrorist political representatives who deny they are terrorists to the Western Press but then in their own Asembly or when speaking to their own citizens on radio or tv call for a war to destroy Israel. It also has terrorist cells which it claims are its "military" wing.

I doubt Granny knows why the JNF was started, what it actually finances and has financed. I doubt she has ever been to the Middle East to understand just how small the area of land is in dispute and so what the actual  terrorist security issues involved are or how the PA and Hamas are as dangerous to their own civilians and Jordan, Egypt and  Lebanon as they are to Israel.

What I do see are double standards from Granny. If she posts one sided articles with no comments, that is not trolling but if people disagree with her on this forum she says they are part of her experiment and trollers.

She claims being anti Israeli is not anti semitic but being anti Palestinian is anti Muslim.

She will discuss no doubt until doomsday Jews have no right to live on the West Bank but believe Muslims can live wherever they want.

Its only with Jews, Granny seems to have a standard where they can live.

As for the accusations the JNF funds the IDF, in fact what happened was prior to 2016 it funded a recreation centre and other recreation centres for youth to encourage fitness so when they were called up for mandatory reserve duty in the Armed Forces which includes 2 years mandatory service then being in the reserves until the age of 65, they would be ready.

The financing was indirect because it was for recreation but it was turned into a claim it financed the military. No JNF money was used on weapons of course or given to the military budget and anything remotely construed as military donations was ended in 2016 but hey why not flog that issue.

I get it- trendy leftists are incited by what they think is a black and white cause with bad Jewish Israelis  oppressors and good Palestinian victims.

The fact is the  definition of Palestinian the PA and Hamas use excludes Jews . The definition of Israeli includes Muslims and Christians, Bahaiis, Druze, Beduin Arabs, etc.

So let Granny try grasp the basic issue that the definition being advanced of a Palestinian and Palestinian rights is as discriminatory as anything she thinks she sees or believes about Israel and its based on religion and always has been.

At the pith and substance of the conflict is the Sharia Law belief that only Muslims can form countries and own land NOT Jews-something Granny will not acknowledge-and is why I said, she should go read about what dhimmitude is before she assumes she knows the place of Jews.

 Israel created itself as a Jewish state and created a national fund to finance its state as a direct response to being held down as inferiors. It had no choice. It was a direct response to being treated as an inferior people with no rights.

There are 3 areas on the West Bank. Area C is the only one "Jewish" Israelis are allowed. Arab i.e. MUSLIM  Israelis or non Jewish Palestinians can live in areas A or B which are exclusively reserved for non Jews and no Jew is allowed to live in. Oh you bet its separation. It came about precisely because Muslims would not live side by side with Jews and forced a war which established greenlines in 1967 which trendy leftists believe are the borders of Israel when the same international law they quote to call Israel's settlements on the West Bank illegal can not define that green line as legal because no Arab country to this day will recognize them.

Israel is the only country in the world surrounded by countries that do not recognize it or any borders for it, or its right to exist. She assumes the West Bank which has never been a county is a non Jewish one.

Granny's perspective comes from someone who takes for granted she can live wherever she wants and she is  part of  the majority religion.

Granny's perspective  as to Israel is as colonialist-imperialist-oppressive  as anything she accuses Israel of being. She still defines the conflict as one where its about Jews who don't know their place in the world.

I again repeat the solution to this conflict will come about with Israelis and Palestinians not outside know it all  patronizing elitists agitate tension and presume to tell either side what to do.

As well for someone who claims criticizing Israel is not about criticizing Jews why does Granny think when someone Jewish protests on the West Bank, their Jewishness is relevant?  Why is it she is so quick to insist this is not about Jews but her very headline on the thread made it about Jews?

She and many non Jews seem to think the moment a Jew as opposed to a non Jew criticizes Israel it has more meaning. Why? By doing that, she turns the discussion about Israeli state policies into a Jewish issue an yet creates another double standard.

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