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Re: International Jewish Voices
« Reply #15 on: May 09, 2019, 11:25:22 am »
Tell me Granny do you know why the JNF came about and why it does that? Of course not. Go find out why. In the middle East there is no separation of sharia law from governments which means no Jew in any Arab country is allowed to own land. Likewise no Jew in Europe was allowed to purchase land because of the prevailing laws that were influenced by Christian religion. Let me repeat that JEWS CAN NOT OWN LAND IN ANY NATION OF THE MIDDLE EAST.  They can not apply for citizenship in any Muslim country let alone in the Middle East. Jordan which was created as a Palestinain state illegally from 90% of Palestine by the British does not allow Jewish citizenship or any Jew to own land.

Interestingly though you find it unfair or single out the fact Israel had to establish the JNF as a direct response to this discrimination.

Tell me because you claim to be the progressive leftist not me, are you against affirmative action or other measures people take to counter discrmination against themselves?

Why is it when a Jew liberates themselves from being treated unfairly and uses a state to protect its people and guarantee them a place to live when no one else won't, you sngle that out as if its unfair?

When all the homes and property were confiscated by Muslims and Christians from Jews where were you? Were you marching for Jews? Where was the world for thousands of years? Why did it take a holocaust to force the issue? Why is it  even after the holocaust the very nations that fought Nazi Germany protected its Nazis when they moved to the Middle East nations and ran their governments?

Where were you in 1948 when the British sided with neo Nazis to lead the Arab Alliance against Israel?

Where were you when righteous gentiles denounced what Britain did and volunteered to fight with Jews?

The fund you criticize came about to house and give a future to discriminated against Jews.

Maybe you need to take the time to find out the history of Israel and not from a trendy leftist perspective that ignores the time line and inter-connected events and simply takes up and assumes Jews came from nowhere for no reason other than to exploit innocent Palestinians. Jews were and are as much Palestinian as any Muslim who claims to  be one. They have every right to own land in Israel precisely because they are not allowed to own any in any Middle East country.

Do you challenge Sharia law nations? Do you even know what dhimmitude is?

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