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Re: International Jewish Voices
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Given the history of anti-Israeli activists there is no reason to believe this claim has any connection to the truth.
It's not that difficult to check:

"T'ruah has expressed concerns that the JNF is not transparent about where their funds go and that the organization may be subsidizing projects in West Bank settlements.[62] The organization's chief executive later acknowledged that JNF does fund projects within settlements.[63] A review of their tax filing from 2014 led Rabbi Jill Jacobs of T'ruah to estimate that about $600,000 of the $27.2 million in grants by JNF-USA went to support settlements.[64]

Israeli lawmakers have sought, unsuccessfully, to allow the State Comptroller to examine the books of the organization to determine whether the group's funds were being spent appropriately.[65]
The JNF stipulates that only Jews can buy, mortgage or lease JNF land. Article 23 of the JNF lease states that the lessee must pay compensation to the JNF if this stipulation is violated."

And JNF is in trouble in Canada for funding the Israeli military too:

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