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Re: International Jewish Voices
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Palestinian activists often deliberately stage confrontations with Israeli soldiers to generate propaganda. I have seen complete videos that show Israeli soldiers acting completely professionally only have to it twisted into something nefarious by activist using selective edits.

I don't doubt that.  I mean OP article has the headline with alarming words "Jewish-American activists beaten and detained by Israeli soldiers in West Bank".  But I don't see any evidence from skimming the article of anyone beaten.  I mean the military used sound grenades, that's pretty non-violent.

Again from the article "Those forced to the ground and dragged into military vehicles included several who appeared to be rabbis and several elderly members of the group". They were arrested after a long warning, what did they expect?  A hug?  Rabbis and the elderly aren't immune to arrest just because.

The article is obviously written with a bias to cast the military as the "bad guys" and the arrested as victims. Writing a news article with a slant is poor journalism.
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