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Re: International Jewish Voices
« on: May 04, 2019, 08:38:56 pm »
I still recall about 5 years ago, after the Russian Government occupied the Crimea from the Ukraine.  The Crimea had technically been a part of the Ukraine throughout history, and since 1917 it was apart of the Ukrainian SSR, then since 1991 was a part of the Ukraine. We do not see the Russian community suffering anti-Russian sentiment due to this. In fact, the Winnipeg Russian community staged an ill-advised "Pro Russia Rally" at the Manitoba Legislature shortly after.

The problem with this move, is Winnipeg has a very large Ukrainian community, which outnumbers the Russian community 5 to 1.  It was a move the appeared to antagonize the Ukrainians. As a result, hundreds of people in the Ukrainian community came out to demonstrate against it, and the Police were called after the inevitable hostilities erupted.


With the Jewish community, they have always been targeted regardless of their political beliefs in all parts of the World, simply for being Jews. That is not the case for other ethnic communities.
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