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Ok "offered a spot" sounds like they unilaterally reached out to him, ie. made an offer.  Reading the response from the institution in question it is closer to a necessary accommodation.

“I was contacted by an advocate for Bernardo, for lack of a better term, out of Ontario and she requested information about Bridges and asked if we would be able to work with a person like Paul Bernardo," Churchill said, adding later that the context of the letter he. wrote in response wasn’t “we’d love to have him” rather, “we wouldn’t run away.”

“Our mandate is we believe everybody should be treated equally. They have to be able to put their past behind them so we work with them…. I don’t care what you did in the past, I care what you do in the future.”

Churchill said they’ve never turned anyone away but a letter from a high-profile criminal the likes of Bernardo is unusual. They would have worked with him and there would have been checks and balances in place to ensure community safety.


So, all of this would assume Bernardo were granted parole first and needed somewhere to go.

All of this being said, I would be maximally creeped out by hearing this.  My friend lived in Montreal and discovered Karla was involved with a school on her block.  Bleah.