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Here's one.

Meth-head kills a guy while on probation for another violent offense, gets sentenced to 6 years. But with "enhanced credit for time already served, he will have 2˝years remaining on his sentence."

During the timehe has already served, this young man has made great strides in turning his life around:
Cushnie has admitted using drugs while he has been held in custody at the Edmonton Remand Centre. He has also admitted joining the Redd Alert gang.

"I was angry at the world so I joined," Cushnie told the Gladue report author. "I feel at home here cause I am on the gang unit with other gang members. I am used to this life now."

What happens when he's out in 2.5 years?

Cushnie's criminal record includes convictions on 31 charges. Nine were for violent offences.

"Mr. Cushnie demonstrated entrenched antisocial and misogynistic attitudes," psychologist Dr. Debra Jellicoe wrote in her report. "He views violence as a legitimate means to solve problems."

After conducting a battery of tests, Jellicoe concluded that without making significant changes to his lifestyle and substance abuse, Cushnie presents a very high risk to commit more crimes and poses a high risk to re-offend violently.

Dollars to donuts, he's going to hurt or kill somebody else. You know it, I know it, the judge and the lawyers know it.   In two and a half years, somebody else's number is up. I have friends and family that live in the area where Mr Armstrong was killed by this thug. I hope they're not his next victims... but if it's not them, then somebody else's friends and family are going to cross paths with this guy, and it's just a matter of time. 30 months or less.

I think that's an outrage.

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