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Democrats have been trying to game the system for decades.  They’ve also been pushing for non citizens to vote.  A combination of that, along with the Democrat Chicago mantra of vote early vote often, would spell doom for Republicans.  If Democrats had to rely on American born voters, they’d never win an election again, and they wouldn’t have won in 2012 and 2008.
I trust you're quite willing to share your Trump/Republican influenced positions in regards gerrymandering... you know, where U.S. Republicans have been (not just trying) but actually gaming the system for decades!

as for your blathering about, "Democrats pushing for non-citizens to vote": per Politifact: No, House Democrats did not vote to allow noncitizens to vote as part of HR 1

again, member Shady - facts matter on this board!  ;D
I never said that it was pushed in the recent stimulus.  But it’s been pushed at the state level for years.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s pushed nationally.

A Maryland city voted Tuesday night to enfranchise noncitizens, the latest in a growing effort to expand immigrant voting rights.

With a tie-breaking vote from the mayor, the City Council in College Park approved the measure to allow undocumented immigrants, student visa holders and residents with green cards to vote in local elections, The Washington Post reports.

so weaselly member Shady, so weaselly! Apparently... when you mention Democrats and Republicans, with emphasis on Democrats never winning again like in 2012 & 2008 (as in Obama/Biden in 2012, in 2008)... you weren't talking about U.S. national elections... you weren't talking nationally!  ;D