Author Topic: Greta Thunberg: Inspirational or Annoying?  (Read 1151 times)

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Re: Greta Thunberg: Inspirational or Annoying?
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2019, 10:24:28 pm »
The fact that alarmists are reduced to exploiting a teenager in order to promote their ideology is more a statement about the intellectual bankruptcy of the alarmists than those who have the temerity to question the reasons for putting such person on a media pedestal.

Lack of intellectual honesty is a huge problem in this debate. We are not going to reduce emissions significantly as long as human population is rising (certainly not to the zero claimed to be necessary to stave off disaster). No amount of wailing and nashing of teeth will change this reality. The only real choice is whether we choose to severely damage our economy in a futile attempt to reduce CO2 emissions or do we simply stop worrying about it and deal with the consequences as best as we are able (consequences that we have to deal with no matter what effort is put into emission reductions). The latter is the best gift we can give to future generations because they will be richer and better able to adapt than they would be if we deliberately undermined the economy.

The fact deniers will blow off the concerns of the young just because they are young is very sad reflection on them. The idea that we should do nothing to try and mitigate the effects of human caused warming and just deal with the consequences without any evidence that we will be able to, is nothing more than blind faith.
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