Author Topic: Greta Thunberg: Inspirational or Annoying?  (Read 1161 times)

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Re: Greta Thunberg: Inspirational or Annoying?
« on: September 23, 2019, 12:50:52 pm »
Naw - she is making a 'difference' in terms of things being discussed and maybe some people becoming aware.  It's her cause and she has picked a tough one so good for her.

Anyone who mocks her emotionality, though, should be forced to read a year's worth of angry rightista snowflakes post that are written about the GLOBALIST SCAM ALL CAPS.

She can't have it both ways. She can't hold modern civilization in contempt and feel she can avoid criticism. I don't think she shows any real level of maturity. She's making, not getting her way on Climate change, into an international temper tantrum.