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Re: Farming Culture
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:47:34 pm »
Food is traded like other commodities but it is anything but just another commodity. There is no question that our planet would not be able to sustain 7 billion people without modern farming practices and there are lots of economic arguments to be made around big and single crop farming. Regardless, farming is about the cultivation and manipulation of life itself.  Along with a breathable atmosphere and drinkable water, food is necessary for our survival. Take just one of those three away and we die, so the comparison with coal and other commodities is not valid. Food production is also subject to the vagaries of weather, climate and disease which makes single crop production more risky.

Modern farming and the ability to ship out of season foods all over the world have made us oblivious to the real consequences of not having access to food. As recently as the 1840's a potato blight caused a million Irish to starve and another million to leave the country. That was in Europe, not sub Saharan Africa.

Forget any romantic pathos, family farms just put much more back into their local economies than industrial farming
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