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Re: Farming Culture
« on: May 06, 2018, 06:34:34 am »

I - and I suspect many Canadians - grew up close to farms and farmers, and of course food is necessary for life etc.  But in a discussion of economics, there are trade-offs and risks.  To say that the system is well-designed to take these into account is an overstatement, but if you acknowledge that there are flaws then you have to acknowledge that some of those come from economic ignorance of the voting public.

They have, roughly, two buttons that drive their decisions: self-interest and altruism.  The invisible hand of Adam Smith drives efficiencies and market pricing but there is no scientific equivalent in the altruism part. 

Hence we have 'stories' about certain businesses and professions that are imbued with a romantic pathos.  If you think that that's a good idea, then you are on board with Trump invoking the Coal Worker as the epitome of the real American worker when more Americans work in libraries, at Arby's etc.  Likewise, family farming is going away and being replaced with large industrial producers.

Saying that 'food is important' doesn't help bring understanding to what is happening today.