Author Topic: Coronavirus Science (facts donít care about your feelings)  (Read 1849 times)

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This is especially true in this forum.  High risk people should be protected and isolated.  The rest of us should be continuing our lives, practicing mitigation and social distancing.  The sooner that the general population achieves herd immunity, the sooner high risk people will cease to be high risk.  Prolonging here immunity only prolongs the period of time high risk people must live in isolation and quarantine.  Our policy isnít based on science, itís based on panic and hysteria.

Delaying herd immunity is costing lives
Climate scientists are frustrated by people who do not believe in climate change. In epidemiology, our frustration is with anti-vaxxers. Most anti-vaxxers are highly educated but still argue against vaccination. We now face a similar situation with Ďanti-herdersí, who view herd immunity as a misguided optional strategy rather than a scientifically proven phenomenon that can prevent unnecessary deaths.
Anti-herd is the new anti-vaxx.  Sweden did it right.
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