Author Topic: Coronavirus Science (facts donít care about your feelings)  (Read 1849 times)

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given you were corrected previously... and you acknowledged said correction, this repeat is nothing more than a ShadyTroll! Be better member Shady; be better - recognize the official names as: virus => SARS-CoV-2 // disease => COVID-19

We call varicella "chickenpox".  I think it's ok to call it colloquially the Chinese Communist Party virus.  Unless of course you want to defend the Chinese Communist Party and their virus-making policies.  Do you member waldo, do you?

being called out by ConspiracyG - how humbling! Why is your suggested "colloquial" naming used by such a narrow focused segment of people; like you, member Shady, your fellow Trumpists and ilk?

bloody hell member Shady, where's your science in your declared sciency thread?