Author Topic: Coronavirus Science (facts donít care about your feelings)  (Read 1874 times)

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I thought Iíd start a topic on the science associated with the coronavirus, since feelings and emotions seem to be governing peopleís responses in other threads.  Public policy needs to implemented using the evolving science related to the virus, and not what feels good or feels right.

what science? All you've done is drop 'go-fetch' links; 2 of which rely upon the same most questionable, highly criticized study. But again, what science are you presuming to leverage, to extend upon?

as your intent with this thread is to join the throngs of 'endTheShutdowners' hyping the same 2 antibody related studies, we already have a "Back To Work" thread... you're not adding anything new here member Shady!

try again - try harder!