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Re: Concerned about Venezuala
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2019, 07:26:10 am »
Nonsense. The election was scrutinized and it was valid. And you can certainly see the truth today, because the Venezuelan people did not come out to  support the US coup, and it has fizzled out.

 Those are just Trump lies to try to justify a takeover of Venezuelan oil. And Trudeau's lies to try to take control of Venezuelan minerals.

The Venezuelan people are not interested.

Trump will start a war now.
Another war of US imperialism.

I said IF; a hypothetical. I wasn't talking about the past election, I was talking about one in the future. Not that it would surprise me if their last election was fixed, however...

Interesting how you can speak so clearly for the People of Venezuela. You're not a Russian troll, are you?
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