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Re: Concerned about Venezuala
« on: May 04, 2019, 12:21:29 pm »
Thanks to shale oil the US does not need or want any more oil from third world basket cases.

Sure why would the US (or Canada) want to keep controlling one of the most strategically important resources in the world it has been obsessed with controlling for the last 70 years+ whose output and global price can still be manipulated to decimate the US (and Canadian) economy as happened in the 1970's, and whose output and global price can be manipulated to decimate the US shale business and Alberta oil sands business as has happened in the last 5 years by OPEC?

Surely Venezuela being an OPEC member has nothing to do with US and Canada considerations.  Surely Canada, whose economy is highly dependent on the global price of oil, has no interests in this!  Surely it is democracy that Canada and the US care most about!
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