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Re: Concerned about Venezuala
« on: May 03, 2019, 01:44:48 pm »
People are starving and dying in hospitals for lack of meds in the country while Maduro hurls threats and instructs his military to block truckloads of international aid from crossing a bridge into Caracas. I'm worried this could turn really ugly.
Venezuela is accepting aid from many countries and the UN. Maduro just refuses to accept 'aid' from the US.
"The reality is that the Maduro administration has accepted aid from numerous countries as well as working with United Nations organizations, and the USAID was indeed a trojan horse to use as a means of US military intervention. "

It is the US that has concocted the current crisis in Venezuela, tried to install a leader favourable to US oil interests.

What the Maduro government is rejecting is “humanitarian” aid from the Trump administration and its allies, given that these regimes have made it clear that they intend to overthrow the Maduro government and undemocratically install their hand-picked, right-wing candidate Juan Guaido.
“Then the president talked about Venezuela. That’s the country we should be going to war with, he said. They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.”

The US has a history of using “humanitarianism” as a guise and for military intervention, particularly through usage of USAID and corporate media manipulation.

And ... Canada just goes along with the US intervention in Venezuela ... because Canadian mining companies want access to Venezuela's minerals. Canada is complicit in an attempted US coup against a duly and properly elected Maduro government.

I note that as of today, the US coup effort has not succeeded in turning the Venezuelan military against Maduro. The majority of Venezuelans still support their democratically elected government and their nationalized resource industries.

The US tries to destroy any government in any country that nationalizes it's resources. There are many examples, notably Iraq and Syria.