Author Topic: Climate-Triggered NYC Disaster - New York on Ice, or Real (not faux) Climate Change  (Read 592 times)

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More importantly, those meta studies only looked at the irrelevant question of whether human CO2 is causing warming. They said nothing about whether it is a serious concern.

oh my! Who knew those meta-studies should have reviewed scientific publications that supported your most liberally interpreted, self-serving, agenda-driven question" --- your stated claim that, "20% of scientists do not accept that reducing CO2 emissions "rapidly" is a useful response"? Wait now - surely someone/some organization has done just that, yes? Surely!

wait now! Are you suggesting scientific publications should include summary statements on policy assessment/risk/determinations? Aren't you the forever guy stating scientists have no foundation to do so... that only your favoured, "engineers and economists" are qualified in that regard? Make up your mind, hey!