Author Topic: Climate-Triggered NYC Disaster - New York on Ice, or Real (not faux) Climate Change  (Read 592 times)

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Add it has more substance than any survey you provided. So go pound salt. If you want to say that "appeals to authority" based on vague questions are not reasonable forms of argument then I will expect you to remind Omni and others who toss around the bogus 97% number all of the time.

But we really know you won't do that because you are a hypocrite who will simply sets the goal posts based on whether it suits your ideological objectives.
Those metastudies are also completely useless. Making inferences based a couple lines of text in a paper is a ridiculous way to determine a scientists opinion. More importantly, those meta studies only looked at the irrelevant question of whether human CO2 is causing warming. They said nothing about whether it is a serious concern.

ya ya, the scientific establishment has long been keepin' the denier-man down! Skeptical/denying studies can't get a break cause that wascally peer-review/peer-response process is either so biased or so corrupt... or so unfair in challenging & countering studies that presume to challenge consensus science. /snarc