Author Topic: Climate-Triggered NYC Disaster - New York on Ice, or Real (not faux) Climate Change  (Read 592 times)

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She was a liability because the of AGW zealots that has taken over the scientific establishment that accept no deviation from the party line. A student could not risk their career with her as mentor. Nothing Curry has said is unreasonable from a scientific perspective. Denigrating her as a "crazy lady" is a perfect example how your opinions have nothing to with science and it is absolutely laughable to suggest that you have anything useful to say about the actual science.

and here I thought her richly deserved 'Crazy Aunt' designation was a term of endearment! And here I thought she claims "natural forces" are more significant (more than human influence) in regards warming causation. Wait now - is that why you refuse to state you accept that anthropogenic sourced CO2 is the principal causal tie to GW/climate change? Is that why... you're forever quoting and referencing her?
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