Author Topic: Climate-Triggered NYC Disaster - New York on Ice, or Real (not faux) Climate Change  (Read 592 times)

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And what are you basing your assertion that the number is different on? Blind faith? The studies claiming 97% only asked one or two meaningless questions designed to maximize their propaganda value. Do you have a study that asks relevant questions, has better response rates and supports you claim that more a larger number of scientists think that AGW is a serious threat?

c'mon man! You were asked to substantiate your claimed 20% statement. That single survey... based on 66 responses... appears to be your sole basis for your continued generalized and broad-based statement about scientists. Again, if you tag 80% with your "ONLY" label, what should we label your single-survey 20% as? ;D

studies supporting the consensus... waddabout the meta-studies reviewing scientific publications? In any case, I'll ask again: what percentage figure do you associate with the scientific consensus - and how have you (how was it) arrived at?

The wording is fine for its purpose: assessing the degree of concern felt by scientists and a significant minority of scientists are not that concerned about it. Reasonable people should want to know why.

again, those 66 scientists that bothered to reply in line with the question? That question is so open to interpretations - why... look how you interpreted it for your self-serving, agenda-driven purposes!