Author Topic: Climate-Triggered NYC Disaster - New York on Ice, or Real (not faux) Climate Change  (Read 592 times)

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20% of scientists saying that they do not believe that climate change is a serious threat is a fairly significant result. 20% is not a small collection of cranks

FFS! You're basing your nonsense on a single survey with an ~18% response rate... which equates to 66 scientists that bothered to respond in alignment with your stated 20%. If you state/claim 80% warrants an "ONLY", what tag would you use for 20%?  ;D

notwithstanding your self-serving, agenda-driven interpretation of that question is bogus man, bogus! Again, your original statement, "20% of scientists do not accept that reducing CO2 emissions "rapidly" is a useful response" is quite liberally drawn from the actual question: "How convinced are you that climate change poses a very serious and dangerous threat to humanity?"

as I said, the question was poorly framed in the first place... any literal interpretations of the question might call for clarification of "serious", of "dangerous", of "threat"... to ALL of humanity... all?