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Re: Climate Change
« Reply #1065 on: April 15, 2020, 01:04:53 am »
However, China has another 10 years before they’re supposed to reduce theirs.  What a sweet deal for such an urgent issue!
Regardless, your buddy China still has 10 years left of increase!  Great deal huh!?

you're still flogging this crap? It's been some number of years since I've bothered with that 'other board'... but even I recall busting this nonsense when last there!

let the waldo remove your aversion to China by asking you about a hypothetical country named say... Gyna! Now, whether sufficient or not, if Gyna offered a commitment to have its peak emissions occur in say... 2030, for Gyna to meet that peak-year commitment, how many years lead time (before 2030 arrives) would Gyna require in terms of radically shifting its economy/energy generation away from high emissions coal-centric sources to alternative lower/cleaner energy sources?