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Re: Climate Change
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Actually a forecast of rain in 4 days in not so much based on computer models as it is on what we can see from satellites looking down from space showing where the clouds are, and where they are heading. Climate change is more based on computer modelling and is also based on if the temp. rises this much than this will be the outcome. If it rises more then the outcome will be more severe. Hence the reason for attempting to slow the warming trend.

That's exactly what weather forecasts are.  A weather satellite can only see what's happening now and in the past, and computer models calculate what will happen in the future based on all the data and variables.  Weather forecasting isn't just using satellites since that only uses a visual, it's also using temperature and barometer readings etc from the ground and other sources from all over the country/world.  This all goes into the computer models as data for each variable.

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