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Re: Climate Change
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The UN is predicting 9.8 B by 2050 and 11.2 B by 2100 taking into account that fertility rates will continue do decline. Humans are putting severe pressure on the world's ecosystem yet you assume a 50% increase will be sustainable.
You are missing the point. In the 70s people believed:

“The battle to feed all of humanity is over.” He later went on to forecast that hundreds of millions would starve to death in the 1970s, that 65 million of them would be Americans, that crowded India was essentially doomed, that odds were fair “England will not exist in the year 2000.” Dr. Ehrlich was so sure of himself that he warned in 1970 that “sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come.” By “the end,” he meant “an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity.”

IOW - the predictions of immediate doom were dead wrong (england did not dissappear). the population problem fixed itself since technology has ensured we more than able to provide food for the population. Now the concern is consumption. I am arguing that problem will likely follow a similar path with incremental social changes and unexpected technology advancements will gradually eliminating it as an issue. That does not mean we don't need to work towards change - it just means the incessant doom mongering and arbitrary deadlines is not helpful.

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