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Re: Climate Change
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No - i am saying that we now know that human populations appear to naturally limit themselves as wealth increases. The net result is human population is expected to peak this century and start to decline without any special government interventions. However, such a outcome was considered inconceivable in the 70s: quote is long but it is useful because it *exactly* mirrors the argument being made by climate change alarmists today.

Now you would like to argue that we learn as we move forward, however, learning requires humility. The arrogance and exaggerated certainty that under pins the climate doom mongers' arguments today suggests that they have learned nothing.

The UN is predicting 9.8 B by 2050 and 11.2 B by 2100 taking into account that fertility rates will continue do decline. Humans are putting severe pressure on the world's ecosystem yet you assume a 50% increase will be sustainable.

I would argue that we learn as we move forward because that is what we have always done. That's why we have things like sewage and water treatment, eliminated lead from gasoline and a thousand other things . You can't just reject what you don't like.
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