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Re: Climate Change
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Even aside from societal breakdown, in 2003, 40,000 people died from a record heat wave - the hottest one in recorded history.   The summer of 2017 is already again seeing extreme heat - the highest since 2003.
In 1950s few people lived in the US south west because of "extreme heat". It is now the fastest growing regions thanks to technology (air conditioners) and the energy needed to keep the air conditioners running.

Adaptation requires access to resources - particularly energy at a reasonable price. If there is one group of people who deserve criticism for increasing the suffering of people in developing countries is it western environmentalists who, thanks to an irrational fear of CO2 and GMOs and Nuclear, actively seek to deny developing countries access to essential adaptation tools.

There is a concept in engineering called a 'cost benefit analysis' where every action is weighed against its costs and benefits. The trouble with your line of thinking is you ignore the benefits of fossil fuels while exaggerating the potential harms. The end result of your thinking will only be great harm. The way forward requires pragmatism. i.e. look for cost effective ways to reduce CO2 but don't fret if we still have to emit CO2 in many applications where no cost effective alternatives exist yet.
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