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Humans have been dealing with climate change for 1000s of years. We adapt cause that is what we do.
I assume humans will survive this climate change event, but remains to be seen how many.   If the models are remotely accurate - and they have been for the last 30 years, although real-time events are happening faster than the models predicted - there will be essentially a worldwide collapse of ecosystems and societies.

The graphic correlates with GDP per captita. Those countries with functional governments and economies will do fine. Those with dyfunctional or non-existent governments will have problems. IOW - this is nothing new. The only thing climate change does is give people a boogie man to blame instead of more accurately placing the blame on the people living in the countries that are not able to create or sustain a functional government.

That we will be "just fine" because we have a 'functioning government' is an overstatement.  Even if we discount flooding, droughts and wildfires in the Western world, the influx of people from those countries that are more severely affected is going to be huge factor.  As weather events intensify and the cost of rebuilding each one becomes unmanageable, those with money and power are going to be intent on saving themselves by any means possible, not maintaining a 'functioning' government.  Sure, someone might be in power - but it will be essentially every man for himself. 

Even aside from societal breakdown, in 2003, 40,000 people died from a record heat wave - the hottest one in recorded history.   The summer of 2017 is already again seeing extreme heat - the highest since 2003.

More and worse such events are expected in the decades to come, according to the models that have already accurately predicted where we are today.

It's difficult for me to understand how a person can discount the evidence so completely when events that were predicted have come true.