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Re: Climate Change
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But it also polluted the air we breath, and is adversely affecting our environment.
Cities are cleaner today with the all of ICE vehicles than they were in the past. People are healthier and living longer than they ever have. This does not mean there is no room for improvement but this endless vilification of GHGs without any consideration of the real benefits fossil fuels provide is not helpful.

Yet they have forgotten, or rather never knew, that the predecessor of the auto was also a major polluter. The faithful, friendly horse was charged with creating the very problems today attributed to the automobile: air contaminants harmful to health, noxious odors, and noise. At the beginning of the twentieth century, in fact, writers in popular and scientific periodicals were decrying the pollution of the public streets and demanding “the banishment of the horse from American cities” in vigorous terms. The presence of 120,000 horses in New York City, wrote one 1908 authority for example, is “an economic burden, an affront to cleanliness, and a terrible tax upon human life.” The solution to the problem, agreed the critics, was the adoption of the “horseless carriage.”
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