Author Topic: As the US Cozies up to Russia, Ukrainian Town Ends Up in Ruins  (Read 171 times)

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That's where the eu needs to grow some stones and put some troops in the Ukraine.  It can't always be the USA running around.  Surprised the Eu hasn't made Ukraine a member as well as NATO.  Putin likes to make big moves and needs to be countered
I agree with you in theory.

However, I think there's something worth considering with this argument. The world is generally more peaceful now due to economic integration and a host of other factors. Consequently, EU nations have reduced their spending on military. The threat from Russia now and your suggestion provokes an arms race. We're talking about nations building up military power.

When countries begin spending a hell of a lot more money on hammers, they're going to start looking for nails.

While I don't agree with the idea that the United States should always be the ones to intervene, it did prevent nations from building up their own armed forces and "solving" problems themselves. It's a double-edged sword.