Author Topic: Are Women Better at Leading Diverse Countries Than Men?  (Read 314 times)

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Or if Hilary Clinton won the US Election? It would be a disaster.

Oh my.  :D

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Oh my.  :D

Sorry, bad example. The alternative has proven much worse.
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The answer is Yes, according some new studies and research by the Harvard Business Review.

I don't see this as "slamming men".  I hope none of you do either.

Oy vay Godess choice of words.  Of course many men dream about you slamming them.

On a more serious note while I am sure Adolph, Josef, Suddam, Donald, Justin, Vlad, would disagree with you.

I would think Golda, Indira, Maggie, Angela (Markel and Jolie), probably agree with you.

I would like to think if you look long enough you find idiots in both genders and in between.

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