Author Topic: Apartheid state back on its bullsh*t  (Read 1644 times)

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Re: Apartheid state back on its bullsh*t
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2021, 06:53:31 pm »
Itís not like S. Africa though...   black S. Africans never wanted the extermination of the white S. Africans.  The political arm of the Palestinians wants the extermination of Jews.  I donít recall Mandela and his group calling for that.  Never mind the crazy amounts of Holocaust denial by Palestinian groups.

The two are absolutely not analogous.

And white South Africans didn't have their country handed to them after a holocaust.  They didn't have extremists amongst them that believe there is a Greater South Africa that god has promised them and that they need to evict and ethnically-cleanse the region of black South Africans.

So what?  Things don't have to be 100% similar in order to make comparisons.  There is a dominant group that holds the power and an oppressed group that lives by a different set of standards within the same region.  That's nutshell apartheidism. 

The similarity which is relevant is that the dominant group is not going to just stop on their own accord and goodwill and the only way they will compromise will be through external pressure.

Unlike South Africa, there is an incentive for western nations that stability to the region directly benefits us as well.  The comparison is very sound IMO.