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Re: Anti Israel Responses
« on: July 27, 2019, 09:37:56 am »
The fact remains as is seen in the latest response by Granny has no video or  evidence of a sniper shot deliberately aimed at the child . She also made a false statement saying the IDF is trained to believe that Palestinians are animals. Let her provide the training manual. Of course it does not exist and in fact IDF soldiers have placed themselves in the line of fire and died protecting Palestinian civilians so such a comment designed to smear and incite anger is odious.

In fact the IDF is constantly re-retaining to find non-lethal ways to prevent harm to Palestinians they are trying to control, i.e.,

1-   skunk spray:;
2-   sha’aga:
3-   snake-head approach:
4-   tear gas and blue liquid stain:

In regards to children being killed or injured Granny won’t discuss that  both Hamas and the PA deliberately use children and civilians as weapons-they place them in harms way during demonstrations to serve two purposes:

1-provide a cover for terrorists shooting or throwing explosives or other lethal weapons;
2-getting children hurt and killed to then place them in news stories and even when the children are not injured, staging false displays of injured children or deaths for videos sent to for news.

Here is what I refer to and Granny will not acknowledge:


Let us be clear, exploiting the death of Palestinian children to smear the entire IDF with false allegations does not establish credible dialogue. The IDF does not act in a vacuum where it just suddenly and deliberately  decides to shoot innocent Palestinians for no reason. in fact at the current time Palestinian civilians are being used as human shields for Hamas operatives to attach explosive devices to the Gaza border fence, lob explosive devices at Israeli border guards, destroy and breach the fence.

In fact the outbreaks in and on the West Bank and Gaza do not happen in isolation from one another.  In fact both Hamas and the PA  use kites that they send in to Israel with explosives. They also burn en masse tires, and cause fires to  create toxic fumes and smoke to serve as ba cover to attack the Israeli border and expose soldiers to those toxic fumes.  As we speak exploding kites and inciting civilian residents of the Gaza Strip, especially women and children, are organized by Hamas and the PA to participate in a weekly ritual of charging toward the Israel-Gaza border fence coupled with weekly mass demonstrations on very narrow streets on the West Bank as part of an on-going war that has gone on for 47 years where  a conventional military is obliged to engage in crowd control because the other side  has terrorist cells each with their own leader (literally thousands of them each operating on their own accord based on a loose network of connection) using civilians as weapons.

Civilians on both sides are exposed to danger and are drying. Civilians and especially children in Palestinian communities deliberately allow themselves to be used as weapons and shields  because they are being trained in school based on Hamas and PA curriculum to believe pre 1967 Israel, the West, Bank and Gaza as well as Jordan belong in a Palestinian sharia law state and there is no other solution. To this date there is NO Palestinian leader or for that matter Arab nation leader who will say openly their people or country recognizes the right of Israel to be a Jewish state free of terror attacks. Not one. Moderate Palestinians who do recognize Israel as a Jewish state with the right to exist s that  must come to Canada or Europe or the US or they would get killed. Moderate Palestinians who want peace with Israel are considered even more despicable by Hamas and the PA than the IDF or Israelis.

Is the IDF perfect of course not. Yes certainly it has a moral obligation to avoid unnecessary suffering and death of any civilian and it should be criticized and challenged if it fails to do so and if that is what happened in this or any other case, i.e., it can be shown it deliberately harmed a civilian it is not to be condoned and someone must be held culpable. Criticism of the IDF if properly proven is warranted and is necessary-but a it must be properly documented and proven because too many false reports have been passed to the media.

To accuse any soldier of deliberately killing or wanting to kill a civilian without evidence is odious.

For anyone who has witnessed the violence this notion that soldiers deliberately kill civilians is just not common. It can happen but its very uncommon. The reason? When you are there in the midst of the spitting, the rocks and molotov cocktails flying, the nail bombs, the hand grenades, the tear gas and water spray you realize its chaos and pandemonium and there is no one standing around innocently getting shot...what there premeditated, planned organized public events with civilian crowds  jammed in very narrow streets who quickly turn violent as strategically placed handlers from the PA or Hamas trigger them to riot all done to create videos to send to the news media. Then you have soldiers armed with weapons trying to control charging crowds.

The latest assault rifle of the IDF as a short barrel meaning up close it is highly accurate but the velocity of the bullet even if coated with a sponge head or plastic or just an ordinary bullet can cause death and fragmentation of the bullet in tissue. Its not deliberate. Its a matter of soldiers often firing in the air in chaos and bullets hitting people in the heat of the moment as rifles are raised or the ricochet off of narrow lanes.

If you were on the West Bank you would understand snipers are used to target the terrorists operating in the crowds with weapons or who are inciting and leading children or civilians. I have been there and seen it.The IDF makes mistakes but to expect them to be able in the heat of the moment not to make mistakes is bullshit.

That all said, we need to get Palestinian moderates to the table who can convince their fellow Palestinians like the IRA did its people in Northern Ireland, to put down their weapons and recognize they can not liberate Israel from Jews nor should they try and to stop using their children to fight their battles. Until Hamas and the PA and their script-myth of the liberation of Israel and Jordan is dismissed, they these terror groups will continue the chaos. Peace is the biggest enemy of Hamas and the PA because if it happened they would both have no reason to exist and Palestinian moderates would return home and build a nation without the corruption of Hamas and the PA and which would receive aid from both Jordan and Israel.

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