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Re: Anti Israel Responses
« on: July 26, 2019, 05:24:17 pm »
In response to Impact:

Without proper mri  imaging and pictures of the wounds and  forensic evidence of trajectory it is impossible to conclude a shot was deliberate as opposed to accidental.

However here is an article if you take the time to read it provides the probable explanation  for certain injuries that are occuring when civilians are shot up close:

It states:

“The use of sniper rifles against closer targets increases accuracy and decreases the chances of wounding an unintended target, but it also leads to far more severe wounds due to the greater speed and force of the bullet. “

I think what is happening if you read the reports coming out of other shootings is that more and more children are closer to the line of immediate fire so when the bullets hit them they get those devastating tissue  injuries. Its not that the bullets are designed to fragment or expand its the fact that the impact is closer range and leads to that phenomena. The shells are not plastic or rubber coated or what some call dum dum bullets. There is another bullet a sponge head bullet the Israeli army uses that bruises but it can be lethal at close range.

The bottom line is most times Israel will use water canons, tear gas but if  a crowd attacks it is a fact and I have been there children are used and they get seriously injured, hurt and killed. N

I think it is most probable this child was hit in the head not deliberately but by a ricochet bullet or stray bullet. Its not something I want or defend in the sense of wanting children hurt. I also believe the IDF can and must find better ways for crowd control. It is a moral obligation.

The problem is using civilians and children as front line expendable media props to get wounded and hurt and to create stories designed to incite anger is the name of the game for the PA and Hamas and it will continue until we somehow get people to the table.

Until people sit and talk like human beings on both sides and stop exploiting the conflict using children and stories designed to incite anger, this will continue and simply blaming one side is bullshit.

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