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Re: Anti Israel Responses
« on: July 23, 2019, 01:12:33 pm »
As Granny initiated a thread which claims to be about one thing and now has turned into a general thread to express anything anti Israel I will use this thread to respond to her
accusations or allegations as she has already tried to censor me on her threads before this forum now gives her the right to do so.

In her latest diatribe she has presented an incident of a boy shot in the head.She has taken a story of a 9 year old boy shot in the head to state that an IDF sniper deliberately shot the boy in the head. She has no proof. She relies on a news article she read on the internet. The incident happened on July 12 at about 2.20 pm. It would appear from the news articles that for eight years,  Palestinians of the  West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum have protested each Friday against what they feel are Israeli land confiscations and the closure of the village’s southern road by IDF.

Some of the articles quote an individual by the name of Murad Shteiwi who claims to be the leader of the "popular resistance committee".This individual after the shooting happened was present to provide all kinds of comments to the media including this statement: “Our protests are always non-violent. We are armed only with signs and flags,”

To start with anyone who has lived or been to the West Bank would know the above statement is a red flag. Very rarely does any demonstration not contain stone and rock throwing by young children and teens incited by people such as Mr. Shteiwi who then are suddenly present after the IDF responds to children throwing rocks and stones or molatov cocktails. To understand the West Bank is to understand there is no such thing as a non violent demonstration and virtually every one uses young children so that the news can show children being "attacked" by the IDF. Interestingly when he was asked further about his statement he then said: “At most, sometimes the young men throw stones in response to the soldiers, but that’s it. Never more than that.” Well he suddenly remembered the stones and then stated "Never more than that."

For those of us who have lived and been on the West Bank its always more than that and that is the point. These incidents are used as public relations exercises to incite and propogate anti Israeli messages. In fact Mr. Shteiwi is a pathological liar and manipulator. What he is well aware of is the deliberate placement and use of children in his demonstrations and that the rocks and stones are accompanied by molotov cocktails and other projectiles and at times  nail bombs, sniper fire from terrorists in the crowds and to disperse these violent demonstrations the IDF then fires back tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound bombs or will use water canons.

The red flag for this individual lying comes from his next statement. Shteiwi was not at the accident scene when it happened but had this prepared statement: "He (the boy shot)  wasn’t even at the front of the clashes, there were tons of other young men in front of him. But they aimed at the child on purpose and shot him,” Shteiwi recounted."If in fact the boy as he said was behind and I quote "tons of other young men in front of him" why would the sniper know to carefully select out from these "tons" just this boy? n fact Shteiwi was not at the scene and so made this up and it makes no sense.

The boy shot was Abdul Rahman and was taken to Rafidia Surgical Hospital in Nablus, where  the article states their doctors reportedly found :an expanding live bullet that exploded into more than 100 fragments after it lodged in the boy's head. ". First off no doctor was directly quoted. Secondly how would they have known the bullet was "expanding live". They did not see it expand live. In fact they found fragments after the fact..not they did not stand there watching the bullet expand.. the fact that there were many fragments does not necessarily mean the bullet exploded live particularly if it was soft lead. Again the story being told makes no forensic sense as to how bullets react and appears to be show a glaring misunderstanding  as to what what the properties are of exploding, expanding, soft lead, plastic and hollow head bullets which all are  different and  could cause damage and splintering.

Here is where the story further falls apart. The doctors said nothing it was only in fact Shteiwi quoting them  when Shteiwi said: “The doctors told us that by the way he was shot, and the kind of bullet he was shot with, it is clear that the soldiers’ intention was to kill. Abdul Rahman was not supposed to live,”  The last statement makes no sense. If one knows anything about forensics they would know a doctor can not know or state definitively whether a bullet entering a skull was stray or deliberately aimed. They can only comment on the extent of organic matter in the brain injured, entry and exit points, number of fragments found. Further analysis as to trajectory would need to be conducted before it entered the body and then after it exited if it did.

Here is where the story becomes even more questionable. Other than the above spokesperson who was NOT at the scene of the accident, were statements from  the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), whose activists were present on Friday’s protest. This group whose members of course refused to identify themselves said also in a planned statement that its activists “found a 5.56 bullet case on the ground where protesters had been standing some 15 minutes before. Oh how convenient.They found a 5.56 bullet case. How convenient and hey now it was hot to the touch suggesting it had been fired as they said " that afternoon". How absurd. How if you believe the bullet casing was in fact hot could you know it was just fired let alone fired that same afternoon and then inferred to be the very same one that comes from the one in the boy's head when there is no evidence of what type of bullet it was let alone its size. Further say it was a 5.,56 bullet case how does that case prove it was a live as opposed to other kind of bullet? As well does anyone even stop to think why a 5.56 bullet case  and was the very same bullet casing from the bullet in the child's head?  How would they know that without matching up the casing to the fragments?  Making the story even more absurd was these same "activists" then reported and I quote, " Dozens more bullet cases were also found by villagers following the protest.” So how do they know which one let alone if the one they claim was hot was the casing from the one that lodged in the boy's head. What magic determined this? I mean who needs forensics to investigate when all we need is to mindlessly parrot what someone with a vested political agenda has to say....

The story is full of holes including the one in the boy's head. It sounds like a stray plastic bullet shot into the crowd to disperse it hit this unfortunate kid. There is zero proof of any intentional or deliberately aimed shot.

Here is an example of how false stories such as the above later are proven false:,7340,L-5352827,00.html

So until there is proper evidence all Granny does is parrot unsubstantiated unproven allegations and exploit the injury/death of a child for her own political agenda.

I guess this IDF soldier/sniper was not such a good shot.

A nine-year-old Palestinian boy was shot in the head with live fire by an IDF soldier last week outside the West Bank village of Kafr Kaddum, according to B’Tselem – The Israel Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, contradicting statements made by the IDF.

Residents of Kafr Kaddum clashed with IDF troops as they were holding demonstrations on July 12, protesting against the closure of the main access road. According to B’Tselem, protesters clashed around 200 meters from Abd a-Rahman a-Shteiwi, a boy who was “sitting at the entrance of one of the homes on the edge of the village, playing with a piece of wood.”

The protest dispersed. then an Israeli sniper shot a 9-year-old Palestinian boy in the head (Haaretz)
GIDEON LEVY: From 100 metres away, an IDF soldier shot a boy in the head in the West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum. The bullet exploded into dozens of fragments in the child’s brain and he’s now in an induced coma

Photo: Abd el-Rahman Shatawi