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Re: An Important Trial Balloon!
« on: November 23, 2020, 01:00:00 pm »
what sand line existed with the Russian 'annexation' of Crimea... from Ukraine?

I'm surprised you would ask but maybe I've overestimated you?

So it's very simple. The US/Nato attempted a bridge too far with the Crimea. Russia's naval base assets in the Crimea was a breakpoint issue that Russia/Putin was not going to allow to slip away. I think that the Crimea would have been the location in which the spark would ignite between the US/Nato and Russia, that would have led to direct hostilites between the two.

And so Russia/Putin took the Crimea. Most say by peacable means when Russia sought a referendum from the people of Crimea on their preference toward either the Ukraine or Russia, and the people overwhelmingly chose Russia. It was a slamdunk for Russia and there's hardly been a word of protest to say that the people's choice wasn't observed.

Hence, the bridge too far for US encroachment on Russia's borders! Who knew it wouldn't go down as easily as Kosovo?
The US/Nato could have been content to allow the status quo agreement in place between Ukraine and Russia?

And now the issue has become one of the US claiming that Russia/Putin had expansionist intentions for the Ukraine!

Do you think that's true? And do you think that Putin annexed Crimea against the will of the people?

Are you still with me waldo?

p.s. I commend you for fitting this into this thread. it's indeed one that fits so well under the description of 'trial balloon'. It might be the trial balloon that brought the world closest to WW3?

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