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Re: Afghanistan
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Did the USA need to go to war with Pakistan to go and fetch bin Laden from that country?   They came and went in a few hours.

Are you saying they couldn’t try and get bin Laden without getting into a 20year war in Afghanistan?
A couple of things here...

Bin Laden may have been the primary target, but the initial targeting of Afghanistan involved more than just targeting Bin Laden... it was also about eliminating Al Quaeda's ability to use Afghanistan as a base of operations. If the U.S. had taken out bin Laden but left others to carry on his legacy, it would have been seen as a failure.

Secondly is True that Bin Laden was targeted in Pakistan without "going to war". But they were only able to do that after months/years of intelligence gathering was able to locate him. There is no guarantee that they would have been able to locate Bin Laden in Afghanistan using the same tactics.