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Re: Afghanistan
« Reply #15 on: August 29, 2021, 12:30:09 am »
Misinformation still starts with the misinformed.
starts with YOU - good on ya! How unsurprising you're trying to deflect away from your 'Liberals dragging' suggestion... deflect away from the waldo factoids! Again:
with your phrasing, "the Liberals that let themselves drag us into this mess", I'm shocked you would favour rogue nation positioning for Canada over Canada working within the engagement of and under the auspices of the UN and NATO sanctioning - shocked, I tells ya!

Not a single one of them was from Afghanistan and like Bin Laden almost all of them were from Saudi Arabia.
a poor deflection attempt on your part! But c'mon, surely you're not disputing the Taliban safe-harbouring of terrorist groups (like al Qaeda), of al Qaeda leaders (like bin Laden) - surely not! Surely you're not disputing that bin Laden was the leader of the 9/11 terrorist actions, of the nineteen 9/11 terrorists within Afghanistan - surely not!

Despite knowing all this decades ago virtually everyone - Dubya, NATO, the Liberals, Canada...everyone, cocked it up,  spectacularly, and it's still being cocked up without missing a beat to this day.
and this is just another deflection... and distraction from this nonsense you tried to peddle:
As for reputable journalism, misinformation and Canada's involvement in Afghanistan let's start from before day 1... apparently we went there because Afghanistan is where the terrorists of 9/11 were trained. Lol...

1st of all there wasn't a single Afghan on board any of the planes used as weapons that day and the flight simulators they trained on were in the US not some cave in Afghanistan.
as for your lacking specificity summary statement, "the Liberals, Canada...everyone, cocked it up", have a few more:

waldo factoids:
=> Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan ended in 2011; Canada stayed until 2014 training the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police
=> of Canada's military presence in Afghanistan, the years 2006-to-2014 had governance of Canada and oversight of the 'Afghan mission' by Harper Conservatives... but don't let that stop you from emphasizing, "the Liberals"!

given the misinformation you've spewed in these last posts, what credibility do you have to, without detail/specificity - particularly as pertains to Canada, speak of a, as you stated, "c o c k up by virtually everyone... without missing a beat to this day"?