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Re: Afghanistan
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geezaz member eyeball! I'm shocked that's your take-away to an article claiming... and showing that several of those misinforming whoppers were not accurate depictions of what Canada did operationally and the related outcomes - shocked I tells ya! The waldo, not being as jaded as you, inferred the 'not secret' pertained to information the journalist referenced in her article - with her highlighted emphasis being, as she stated, "it's incumbent on us to at least fact-check some of the more inflammatory claims".
I'm assuming the information she referenced originally came from our government.

I'll need to see a forensic audit of everything the government has on file before I come to any conclusion about it.

Canada should have been stuffing empty transport planes returning from Afghanistan with school girls 15 years ago.

As for reputable journalism, misinformation and Canada's involvement in Afghanistan let's start from before day 1... apparently we went there because Afghanistan is where the terrorists of 9/11 were trained. Lol...

1st of all there wasn't a single Afghan on board any of the planes used as weapons that day and the flight simulators they trained on were in the US not some cave in Afghanistan.

Oh well, I  guess you'll always be stuck between a rock and a stupid place surrounding our country's performance given it was the Liberals that let themselves drag us into this mess.