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Yes it sucks that Canada can't pony up the time or resources to be a little less useless in this 'mission' but what part of 'working with our allies' that fricken Biden is often yacking about didn't filter down to the clueless **** on the ground that are carrying out this evacuation?

reputable journalism - a growing oxymoron, particularly highlighted on the Afghan international front. That coupled with the penchant for media outlets to simply syndicate articles presents ongoing opportunities for weak/lame-azzed and outright wrong information to prevail. Ms. Garossino writing in the National Observer is said to present a more accurate/balanced account of what actually happened - with an emphasis on operational aspects and outcome/results therein: What you need to know - Canada's Kabul airlift mission

Hearing reports out of Kabul, most Canadians feel shame and disgrace over how poorly we apparently evacuated people on the ground.

A number of these reports, primarily from former foreign correspondent Kevin Newman, claimed that every other country did better than Canada. For instance, according to Newman, while Canada dithered, the French carried out “ballsy” commando operations, rescuing hundreds of evacuees. Twice.

Yet the UK's Sky News, which tracked international numbers, reports that Canada airlifted significantly more evacuees, some 3700, than France’s 2100 (France’s prime minister has since upped their estimate to 2500).

Nor does Newman's claim that every other country did better than Canada hold up.

Only the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia extracted more evacuees than we did, and only Australia and the UK airlifted more per capita of their population. Tellingly, all of them took part in NATO’s 38 nation Resolute Support Mission (RSM), which ran from 2015 through the summer of 2021. Canada, by contrast, has had no military ground operations in Afghanistan since 2014.

In other words, each country that airlifted more evacuees than Canada had better on-the-ground operational capacity, local intelligence, and months to prepare than we did.
Before the howls erupt on social media, it's incumbent on us to at least fact-check some of the more inflammatory claims. None of the information was secret.