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Re: Afghanistan
« on: August 15, 2021, 04:58:01 pm »
Iraq war was so bad that to show yourself a moderate, you had to compare it to Afghanistan where there was at least a bit of legitimacy.  I thought Afghanistan was a bad idea from the start, long before it was cool to say so out loud.

Germany and Japan turned into examples of successful nation building but I think it's high time to accept that those two were the exceptions to the rule and Africa, Middle East and South America are better examples of meddling in other nations.

Will we ever learn?  I doubt it, eurocentrism has no limits in its arrogance.

The thing about Germany and Japan is that they were the losers in the last real war we had.  An aggressor leaving his country to attack other countries, and finally being beaten back to surrender by every means possible.  Including nuclear weapons.  There had to be nation building because there was nothing left of the previous nations.

Since then the wars we have fought have all been to prevent something from happening.  A rise in Communism, more Islamic terrorism, etc.  If you are just going to go into someone's country and fight the war there, you really don't stand a chance.  No way of telling friend from foe, no way of hurting the enemy without possibly hurting a friend.  Fighting guerillas on their turf, according to their timelines but unable to fight under their rules.  You're right.  There is an arrogance there that should have been beaten out of western military leaders after Vietnam.

Winning hearts and minds?  Give me a break.
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