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Re: Abstraction & Generalization Culture
« on: October 07, 2021, 02:27:15 pm »
I think the only true generalization that one might make is that they're out to make money.  But beyond that, they're probably diverse as to how they achieve that goal.  We only hear about the 'bad' ones, but there are millions (or maybe billions around the world) who we never hear about. 

How does using empirical data to support our statements hamstring us?  I think it would reduce the incidence of misinformation and teach people how to recognize truth from fiction. 

I don't mean everything one says in casual conversation has to come with a cite from authority,  if that's what you were thinking.  But if politicians, for example, had to 'prove' the benefit of their programs or the risk of the opposing party's programs, they ought to be able to do it using empirical evidence - not merely fear-mongering.    Ideally people would be able to hear that evidence and assess it with an open mind.  Yes, a pipe-dream, LOL.

I think humans have a natural and sometimes necessary need to over-simplify the world, because it's very complex.   Humans have difficulty processing this complexity, because it's hard and inconvenient and sometimes they may not even realize the nuance.  Humans want to make conclusions about things, but nuance is hard.  So we need to avoid oversimplifying.  Some people bash the rich, but not all rich are greedy or bad, even if a lot may be.  It's not good to over-simplify groups with inaccurate stereotypes. Humans also have egos, they want to have opinions and make conclusions even when they don't have enough information on a subject to do so properly.

So lets be humble and realize our ignorance where it may exist.  If you don't know a lot about a subject your opinions about it are probably inaccurate and you're just talking out of your rump.  I've had relatives who have made racist stereotypes about racial groups but they have never been friends with one, or worked closely with one.  It is really about laziness and/or ignorance.  Let's do our homework before having opinions.
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