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Re: Abstraction & Generalization Culture
« on: October 07, 2021, 01:24:51 pm »
1.  Political correctness means sometimes the truth offends people.  I think this is dangerous, burying our heads in the sand to facts, often to protect a minority group that has been exposed to discrimination based on over-generalizations and stereotypes.  So there's good intent with political correctness, but we need to deal with facts and not overreact either way.  The answer is not denying generalizions nor uee them to paint the whole where it doesn't apply.  Let's just deal with facts.

2.  Almost always there's exceptions.  But rarely a generalizion can apply to the whole group.

3. What if its factual? I would say that facts are always ok, but agendas using those facts are sometimes not ok and offensive.   So let's be offended by those offensive agendas and opinions rather than the facts themselves.

1. What ?  Well... I think what you are getting at is PC people get offended... yes ok.  "Let's just deal with facts" isn't a great approach though.  "Let's all be green and reduce carbon emissions".  Doesn't work either.  We have to develop something new that can deal with things inclusively without offending.  It may be that academic things should stay in academia and the rest of us should learn to stay out of that arena.

2. Doesn't matter if it does or not.  People get offended.  And white MAGAs are the kings & queens of being offended from what I have seen ;)

3. "White people have unleashed genocide unlike anyone in history"  Try teaching that in a classroom in Montana.  Is it factual ?  Maybe it's an opinion but you can support it pretty easily.

See ... I think that a way of discussing things that is careful, inclusive but not afraid of facts is needed. 

Yeah, it sounds impossible, but it will happen at some time in the future so we should try to imagine how.