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Re: "Me Too" Blowback
« Reply #15 on: January 27, 2018, 12:44:02 pm »
Yeah but... "primary driver" ?  What ?

Yes, I asked you the same thing.  I'm working on it.

Maybe these stories will poop out people who can be seen as 'objective' ?  Like Lindsay Shepherd.  She maybe had the potential to be somebody who could stand astride the cultural gap and say "yes, THIS but THAT".  The article cyber put up painted her as impartial, though...

Ooh, goalpost change?  You seemed to take umbrage with my "social change" comment but it's actually my "primary driver" comment?  Your problem with my comment was not that it was wrong, but that it was smug, trite and most importantly, dull.  I chose dull because you said it was the most important negative with regard to it.  You seemed to suggest that, if only I had an interesting plan, all would be well.

I agree it's not possible to be objective given the current tsunami.  Who has the time?  It's headlines only.
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