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Re: "Me Too" Blowback
« Reply #15 on: January 27, 2018, 12:25:25 pm »
You suggested "something else" other than innocent until proven guilty as a response to mob rule.  If that's not social change what is? 

Yeah but... "primary driver" ?  What ?

You then seemed to suggest that mob rule was something we can change is only we have a little imagination.  Deal with that.  Make a suggestion.  Let's see what you can come up with to replace due process and take power out of the hands of the mob at the same time.

Yes, I asked you the same thing.  I'm working on it.

Should be fascinating.

Maybe these stories will poop out people who can be seen as 'objective' ?  Like Lindsay Shepherd.  She maybe had the potential to be somebody who could stand astride the cultural gap and say "yes, THIS but THAT".  The article cyber put up painted her as impartial, though...