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Re: Thoughts on Democracy and Discussion
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Yes, worse than before...   I got that, but didnít finish my sentence.

Iím not convinced that democracy (in Canada?  USA?  The world?) is any worse than it was in the past (10 years?  50 years?).  I actually believe it has gotten better in Canada than it was with the introduction of the Charter not so long ago.

Can you clarify when and where has gotten worse?

I had an early interest in politics. I used to go down to the HoC and sit in the gallery during question period to watch the interplay between Trudeau (sr) and Stanfield, and a variety of others. I would say there was a collegial atmosphere among them, a well-mannered and mature belief that all were there to do what was right for Canada, even if they disagreed on what was right. Now I see a measure of contempt for each other and for those who disagree which didn't seem present then, something that is more than simple dislike but more like complete rejection, and an easy resort to insults and sneers due to lack of respect for each other. That has spread to the population at large - it wasn't the other way around.
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