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Re: Thoughts on Democracy and Discussion
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I don't think I was trying to make the case that democracy is 'worse' than other systems but that there is more fighting, and more frustration, and more noise than before.  I concur that it's hard to quantify/qualify that.  But do you disagree ?

Yes, worse than before...   I got that, but didnít finish my sentence.

Iím not convinced that democracy (in Canada?  USA?  The world?) is any worse than it was in the past (10 years?  50 years?).  I actually believe it has gotten better in Canada than it was with the introduction of the Charter not so long ago.

Can you clarify when and where has gotten worse?

I believe the Conservatives, early on, moved to reduce corporate donations as the Liberals were a greater benefactor of those.  I'm working from memory here.

No.   Upon winning the election, they immediately reversed the funding model that took the money out of politics when they scrapped the tax funding per vote for political parties.  They went back to the old system of private, corporate and union donations to fund political parties.