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Re: Thoughts on Democracy and Discussion
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Yes I think that's true.  But there's also nothing wrong with trying to justify a value (which is simply an idea) by using facts, that's argument 101, but the danger is when you selectively ignore facts to the contrary, and are too stubborn to change your views/values based on opposing evidence or logic because it's contrary to your preconceived notions.
Using facts to argue values will only get you so far. By their nature values are questions of faith/belief and cannot be justified on facts alone. Sometimes people would be better off simply arguing that they support a position because it aligns with their values instead of trying to rationalize their values. The trouble for most people is arguing from values means you have to accept that others will not share your values and they have to be accommodated which can be seen as abandoning their values. However, agreeing to disagree on values is the only way this society can function and it is the only way to break the cycle of polarization that we are trapped in.